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"The use of underwriting capital to enhance financial transactions is one of the most dynamic areas of corporate opportunity, changing the relationship between risk and profit. Internationally, it is one of the fastest growing methods of overcoming the traditional problems of risk and financing."

Risk Solutions International (RSI) specialises in the provision of tailored financial risk management and credit enhancement solutions for wide ranging applications in industry, agriculture, property and the utilities sector.

Risk Solutions International's expertise is in sourcing suitably rated underwriting capital to create individual underwriting solutions, developed around the specific needs of a transaction.

Risk Solutions International creates solutions which:-
  • Enhance the commercial viability of a proposal to make it more attractive as a funding proposition to the financial industry
  • Enhance overall profitability of a proposal by increasing its strength and security
  • Improve the efficiency and structure of a balance sheet by smoothing risk and utilising non-performing assets.

Why Risk Solutions International?

Risk Solutions International has a history of providing innovative solutions for clients across Australia. It consistently leads the way in the development of new underwriting products designed to meet the specific and rapidly changing needs of business.

It is at the forefront of the dynamic relationship between underwriting capital and financial opportunity which is transforming the way business is transacted across the globe.

Risk Solutions International's long standing relationships with key insurance corporations in Australia, Europe and the USA enables it to provide unique access to capital and rapid decision making for its clients. All insurance corporations used by Risk Solutions International have an S&P rating of A or higher, or a similar rating through another agency.

Risk Solutions International is a private Australian company. It is registered as an Insurance Broker (234 722) and is a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association.

Risk Solutions International Pty. Ltd.
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